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Hello and welcome back!

Today I wanna write about an album that has just been released today, called "Twenty Twenty" by Djo.

You probably have little use for the name Djo but maybe you do for "Joe Keery". Joe Keery is an actor and musician best known for his role as "Steve Harrington" in Stranger Things. Besides acting he has been making music for a long time in the psych band Post Animal. With "Twenty Twenty", Keery is now publishing his first solo-album under the moniker "Djo".

"Twenty Twenty" by Djo

 The album features 12 songs, including the already released singles "Roddy", "Chateau" (Feel Alright) and "Mortal Projections".

Check out "Roddy" here:

The album itself has a pretty chilled, almost eerie vibe to it and will for sure make fans of Tame Impala extremely happy.

With songs like "Personal Lies" and "Flash Mountain" the record also features some upbeat songs whereas the rest of the album sounds rather subdued.  

All in all, I personally think this album is brilliant!! I love it and I can only recommend you to have a listen. It is definitely worth it!

Thanks for reading and until next time!

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