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Hello I'm back and so is Liam Gallagher with a brand new album! 

Former Oasis singer Liam Gallagher has published his second solo album called "Why me? Why not." today and I briefly want to express my views on that!

After his first solo CD "As You Were" (2017) has been a real success, this new one came with some high expectations. AND it can definitely keep up with that! 

The new album features 11 tracks, from "Shockwave" to "Gone". It kind of has a very similar musical style to the prior album and it for sure has the same kind of energy and vibe. Gallagher definitely remained true to his musical nature with that album. Surely it is different but not a huge musical change. 

Check out "One Of Us" here: 

In conclusion, "Why me? Why not." is a decent album that you for sure might wanna give a listen! If you want to buy the album, click on the first picture of this post.

Thank you very much for reading I hope you liked it. Until next time! 

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