September Favorites '19

Hello and welcome back!

As it's already the second day of October, it is more than time for another monthly favorites list. In September I have mainly been listening to the new releases from the past month.

The three albums that I have been listening to the most are Djo's "Twenty Twenty", Wanda's "Ciao!"and Liam Gallagher's "Why me? Why not.". All three albums are absolutely brilliant and perfect.

  • "Twenty Twenty" by Djo

As I've already mentioned in a post solely for this album, the album has a really eery and 80's vibe to it, which is awesome.

If you wanna read the review I wrote of the album, click here: 

There's not a single song on the album that I dislike, which speaks for the album.

My favorites are definitely "bnbg", "Roddy", "Tentpole Shangrila", "Personal Lies", "Mortal Projections" and "Flash Mountain".

Check out "bnbg" by Djo here:

  • "Ciao!" by Wanda

"Ciao!" is the 4th studio album by Austrian band Wanda and they definitely didn't disappoint me with this one. It's a very upbeat and pop-ish album and they sing in German so it might not be something for everyone. Despite that you should give it a listen because it is very beautiful!!!

I also wrote a couple of words on that album in another post, click here to check that out: 

All in all I can say that I truly fell in love with Wanda's new album. I love every single song that is featured on the album, but my favourites definitely are "Ein komischer Traum", "Nix reparieren", "Domain", "S.O.S", "Ciao Baby" and "Nach Hause gehen". But again, I love every single song!

Watch a live performance of S.O.S here:

  • "Why me? Why not."

Another album I have been loving is Liam Gallagher's new album "Why me? Why not.".

Check out a review I wrote of that album: 

The album sounds super cool but peaceful and dreamy at the same time, which I love. This record is for sure one that I can and want to recommend you. Go give it a listen!

Listen to "One Of Us" here:

The bottom line is that those are three incredibly amazing records that you HAVE to check out!!!

Thanks so much for reading! Until next time. Bye

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