August Favorites '19

August has been a really great month for new music being released hence why I have lots of new music to introduce you to this month! However, I haven't only been listening to new music. There are some amazing songs and bands already out there that I have loved listening to and that I want to tell you about!!

Let's start with the brand new songs from August!

  • "Hallucinations" by PVRIS 

With Hallucinations being the second single released from PVRIS' upcoming album they have definitely proved to the world that this record is going to be awesome! In June of 2019 the band released their first single of the new record, called Death Of Me which already seemed promising. It's an absolute banger just like their latest publication Hallucinations. All there is left to say is that you should definitely check out the two songs and get ready for a masterpiece of music. 

Check out the band's YouTube for more: 

  • "Concentrate" by Z by Z

This next song is a song by a band that I've just discovered. They're called Z by Z and they are a fairly new band. I discovered them on Spotify and instantly liked this new song by them. It's called Concentrate and it got some pretty chilled vibes. 

Go have a listen here: 

  • "Mortal Projections" by Djo 

After having already released two songs called Roddy and Chateau (Feel AlrightJoe Keery, best known for his role as Steve Harrington in Stranger Things, just released his third single called Mortal Projections from his upcoming album Twenty Twenty. The album will be released on September 13th 2019. The actor and musician goes by the name "Djo" and this will be his first solo album besides being a long term member of the rock band Post Animal. All of the three songs are amazing and I can only recommend checking it out!

"Mortal Projections": 

  • "Lemonhead" by Kid Bloom 

This is another song by a band that I've just discovered on Spotify. It's called Lemonhead by a music group called Kid Bloom. This song got stuck in my head instantly. It has got this cool 80's vibe and the voice of the singer is pretty special and beautiful too! 


  • "Nach Hause gehen" by Wanda

Alright, so this is a song by an Austrian band called Wanda. They sing in German so it might not be something for every one but despite that they make really awesome music hence why I think it is worth a listen even though you might not understand a word. With "nach Hause gehen" the band has released their second single from their upcoming album CIAO! (6.9.2019). The first single "Ciao Baby" has already been released in June 2019. Both songs are amazing and I cannot wait for the new record. It is going to be awesome!!! 

"Nach Hause gehen": 

Ok so that's it for the new stuff, but I still got so much more great music for you!

  • Everything from the Giant Rooks

And by everything, I mean EVERYTHING!!! The Giant Rooks are a German band that I've just discovered at the beginning of August and I have hardly been listening to anything other than that. They make Indie music and to the delight of everyone they sing in English, yay! The Giant Rooks are a fairly young band, but they are very successful already! Go have a listen, you won't regret it! 

Giant Rooks: 

  • "Tom's Diner" by AnnenMayKantereit ft. Giant Rooks 

For all of you wondering, yes Tom's Diner is a song from the 80's by singer Suzanne Vega. The two German bands AnnenMayKantereit and the Giant Rooks did a cover of this song not too long ago. This cover is so beautiful. What I like about it is that they adapted the song into both of the band's musical styles. Also, Henning May (AnnenMayKantereit) and Frederik Rabe (Giant Rooks) are two amazing singers, having two very beautiful and strong voices. It's just perfect!!

"Tom's Diner": 

  • "Vermissen" by Juju ft. Henning May

So this is one of the best collaborations of 2019 for me. This track is by a German rapper called Juju featuring Henning May of AnnenMayKantereitJuju is a famous female rapper from Germany, probably best known for being in a band called SXTN with former band member Nura. After their split in 2018 both decided to continue making music on their own and "Vermissen" was one of Juju's first solo songs. 


  • "Franzis" & "Go Rilla" by Fil Bo Riva

Okay, so this is another artist that I've just discovered. Fil Bo Riva is another very promising musician  on the market. Two songs by Fil Bo Riva that I have been obsessed with this past month are Franzis and Go Rilla. They are both pretty upbeat and funky songs, and I love listening and singing along to these songs in the car!!

Fil Bo Riva: 

  • "Death Of Me" by PVRIS

Like I've already said, I've been obsessed with PVRIS' new single Hallucinations. But not only that. I have also really been loving their first single from the new CD, called Death Of Me. This one is an absolute banger just like Hallucinations and very promising for the musical future of PVRIS

Go have a listen: 

  • "Blue Lights" by Jorja Smith 

Blue Lights is one of Jorja Smith's most famous songs and justifiably so! The young musician is incredibly talented and she's got this amazing singing voice. All I can say is that I love Jorja Smith and you should definitely check her out!!

And last but not least:

  • "Roddy" by Djo

So Roddy was the first single being released by Joe Keery's solo-project "Djo". And I gotta say this one is my favorite out of the three singles so far! It is just very peaceful and it got some pretty chilled vibes which I love. As for me, I am super I excited for his first solo album "Twenty Twenty" dropping on September 13th 2019. 

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