NEW MUSIC, 6.9.2019

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Today was a great day for new music! There's not only one new CD that I can recommend you today, there actually are two new CD's, a new single and a new music video that you should definitely check out!

  • "Ciao!" by Wanda

Ciao! by Wanda is the first CD I wanna talk to you about. It is the bands fourth studio album within 5 years which is almost record-breaking! There is a total of 14 tracks on the album, from "Ciao Baby" to "Alma". This CD is for sure different than their prior albums. It kind of has a different style and vibe, and it also features a few songs that have a Beatles vibe to it. However, you will also find the typical Wanda "classics", such as "Ciao Baby" and "S.O.S". At the end of the day you should definitely give it a listen!!

Check out "Ciao Baby": 

  • "How It Feels To Be Lost" by Sleeping With Sirens

With How It Feels To Be Lost, Sleeping With Sirens have published their sixth studio album. The band from Orlando, Florida have been around for a very long time and they have been changing their musical style as well. Whereas their last album Gossip was a bit more subdued, this new album is definitely more on the heavy side. It kinda seems like Sleeping With Sirens are going back to their roots! I think that they'll make many hard-core Sleeping With Sirens fans very happy with that, however this album is also amazing for new fans and listeners as well. It gives you a perfect sense of the bands style and energy! Go check it out!!

Check out a new song:

  • "Carry Me Away" by John Mayer

Okay so this is not a new CD BUT a new single by John Mayer called "Carry Me Away". Over the last year the singer/songwriter has published another two singles, called "New Light" and "I Guess I Just Feel Like". I'd have to say that the new song is a pretty typical John Mayer song, which isn't necessarily a bad thing! Don't get me wrong. I actually think it's a good thing. "Carry Me Away" gives me "old John Mayer music" vibes which is awesome because I LOVE his older stuff. Whereas his last two singles were a bit different to his older music, especially "New Light", "Carry Me Away" definitely goes back to his roots. For sure worth a listen!

Go check out "Carry Me Away": 

  • "King Thinking" music video by Giant Rooks

Even though the song itself is not new, the music video is. King Thinking is the third song after Wild Stare and 100 mg from their Wild Stare EP to get a proper music video. The music video was directed by the same director as the two videos prior, Sander Houtkruijer. The video itself is very well produced and it definitely matches the subject of the song. All there is left to say is that you should go and watch it!

"King Thinking" video: 

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