2019 is over! Well almost... And that means it's time for a look back!

Hence Spotify has released its annual "Spotify Wrapped"-throwbacks I thought I would use those statistics and show you what I've been listening to in 2019!

This post is dedicated to all the music I've been listening to, whether it was released in 2019 or not. There will be another post where I will only be talking about my favorite new music from 2019.


Spring of 2019 has been a time where I have been discovering a lot of new music!

(picture: Spotify)


One artist I discovered for myself and absolutely fell in love with is John Mayer. I've heard of him before but never really listened to any song of him. Not until spring of this year! I must admit regretting not having listened to his music earlier because it's amazing! My favorite songs by John Mayer are "I Don't Trust Myself" (With Loving You), "Slow Dancing In A Burning Room" and "New Light". (but of course so many more..) Also, I'm really looking forward to seeing him play live any time soon, because his concerts seem like pure pleasure!!



I'm not sure if I've made myself clear but this band is AMAZING!!

Cleopatrick is another band that I've discovered just this year and I LOVE them.

If you're into heavier rock music and you love the band Royal Blood I highly recommend you to give Cleopatrick a listen.

The young duo from Canada is absolutely smashing it, and the singers voice is incredible.

Check out my favorite song by Cleopatrick called "Youth":


Another band I've been listenting to a lot in spring is Von Wegen Lisbeth. They are a band from Germany with a very unique musical style. Hence their lyrics are in German as well it won't be for everyone, but I think that though you might not understand a single word they are still worth it giving them a listen! Besides the fact that they are amazing there has been another reason why I've been listening to them so much: They released a new album!! It has a very unique name, namely "", which I think is already outstanding. All I can say is that this album is one of my favorites from 2019 and you will hear more about that in my next post about my favorite music solely from 2019!


Another band I've become addicted with is Nothing But Thieves. They are a band from England and their genre is alternative rock. I love this band so much, they even got listed on my Spotify Top 5 Artists!! I just really fancy their music and singer Connor's voice is INCREDIBLE!!! He has got so much power and control in his voice which is intriguing. One of my favorite songs of theirs is called "Hostage", check it out:


(picture: Spotify)


In summer of 2019 I discovered one of my now favorite bands: Giant Rooks!

The Giant Rooks are another band from Germany BUT (good news) they're lyrics are in English so y'all can have a listen! They're music is easily assignable to the genre Indie Rock/Pop but still they're songs vary in some extent. Apart from that I LOVE the singers voice, which is unique and just beautiful. I could continue like that and gush even more about them, but all I wanna say is please do me a favor and check them out. They really deserve it!!

I have been listening to a lot of Wanda as well, mainly because they are one of my absolute favorite bands. Again, they're lyrics are in German but they are so worth it still listening to them even though you might not understand it.

Also, I obviously couldn't stop listening to Von Wegen Lisbeth, that's why they are in my summer throwback as well...


(picture: Spotify)

From the picture you can see that I was still pretty much into Cleopatrick (no wonder).

Also two of my now absolute favorite albums were released!!!

On the 6th of September 2019 Austrian band Wanda released their fourth studio album called"Ciao!" and let me tell this piece is amazing! It is a beyond beautiful album but again, you'll get to read more about that in the next post!

Another album that was released this fall is Djo's "Twenty Twenty". HOW TALENTED IS JOE KEERY??? Not only is he an amazing actor, turns out he's an unbelievably talented musician and singer too!! His first solo album is absolutely amazing and I can only recommend you to give it a listen. But again, more on that in my next post!


As for now I've been listening a lot to a band called Razz but I'm also listening to all the other bands and musicians that I've been listening to throughout the year as well!!

Also, naming only a few bands in this post doesn't mean that I have been solely listening to them. There were so many more great artists that I have loved listening to, such as Billie Eilish, Liam Gallagher, Dua Lipa, Jorja Smith and many more...

(As you can see there were so many female artists that I've been listening to this year which makes me very happy!)

But as this post would have gotten way too long I tried to concentrate on my Spotify Top 5 Artists, which were:

1. Wanda

2. Nothing But Thieves

3. Von Wegen Lisbeth

4. Giant Rooks

5. John Mayer

(picture: Spotify)
(picture: Spotify)

All right! That's it for my musical look back of 2019!

Hope you enjoyed reading and discovering what I've been listening to this whole year!

Also stay tuned for the next post which will be all about the best releases from 2019!!

Thanks so much for reading and until next time!

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