Hi! I’m Katarina and this is Katillians. My blog. 

To be more specific this should be a blog all about music. Since I’m passionate about music and writing I figured why not combine the two of them and start this blog. 

On this blog I want to write reviews about the latest CD’s and songs from all genres. Also, I’m stoked to be putting out a monthly favorites list, including all the songs that I loved listening to each month, weather that are old songs or songs that were just published this certain month!

Furthermore, I’m really excited to be sharing my Spotify playlists with you so that you can listen to the music that will be reviewed by me. 

That’s about all I’ve planned for this blog so far, but I’m sure that as time comes I’ll be coming up with many more cool ideas!!!

I’m very excited to do this and I hope that you guys will like this blog!

Also, you can follow me on my social media! 




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